Secure Cloud Storage

ID Passport Express now offers Secured Cloud Storage (SCS), ensuring GDPR compliance and safe transfer of digital passports to your customers. Unlike emails, which often lead to resizing issues and potential security risks, SCS guarantees secure downloads at the correct size, safeguarding biometric passports and data even in the event of email compromise.

Plus, our latest integration with the UK online application form streamlines the process for citizens, allowing them to effortlessly transfer their passport image directly from our secure cloud storage. Stay tuned as we roll out similar secure transfer options for other countries' online application forms.

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Passports securely stored on the SCS server are identified by a unique code, which is printed in-store and given to the customer at time of purchase. This code enables the customer to download the image or transfer to a government website.

To conform with GDPR rules the SCS stored images are deleted automatically after 6 months.

SCS is an optional add-on to ID Passport express and may be purchased by clicking the link below.


Video of Secure Cloud Storage and Upload features

Currently the Secure Cloud Service (SCS) creates an UK ePassport and generates a  ”Photo Code”, enabling the applicant to apply for a British passport directly on the government application form on the page.

This secure transfer is being rolled out for other countries as integration with their online application forms is being enabled.

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