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DNP DS-RX1HS Printer

DNP DS-RX1HS Printer

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The business kick-starter for high impact printing!

The RX1-HS printer is one of the prime choices for Photo kiosks and Photobooths, it combines a low cost per print with a economical price of the unit, whilst retaining a superb quality of prints and high speed printing.

The Fotolusio RX1 being one of the most recently released units is fast becoming the industry workhorse, and has a multitude Integrated Kiosk SolutionsDNPof optional add-ons that can help generate and increase sales.


RX1 Speed Update - using the HS media

DNP has released the new HS media for the RX1, this can improve the RX1 print speed.
To use the new media the printer must be updated to FIRMWARE v2.04 or greater. Also please note, once you have updated to the new firmware you are only able to use the HS media kits. 

  • Matte and Gloss on same media
  • 6"x2", 6"x4" and 6"x8" (or 3.5"x5" and 5"x7")
  • 6x2 prints for Photobooth operations
  • Small footprint: 322(W)x 281(High)x 351(D) mm
  • Fast print speed: around 15sec/print for 6x4 (11sec high Quality, 8 sec at low)
  • 450 prints per hour at low res
  • Weight: 14Kg
  • Front Loading
  • Roll-fed
  • Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8 Drivers available
  • Mac 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 drivers available
  • Optional Hot folder software (Free)
  • Optional Printer Monitoring software (Free)
  • Optional Mobile Phone printing (Mobile Party Print)
  • Optional Camera wireless to printer package (eg for Santa or School balls)
  • Optional Kiosk and passport software see the DNP Photo Kiosk software

The ability to use 6x4 media to make 6x2 photo strips makes the RX1 idea for Photo Booths. It is by far the most popular printer in NZ photo kiosks, Photo booths and businesses requiring high volume instant prints. The popularity of this unit ensures the media remains the most cost effective of all models.



RX1 and RX1-HS rolling travel / flight Case

This Printer Case is Hybrid Part ABS Laminate and part Flight case panel with that is one of the lightest heavy duty printer cases on the market, it is compact Foam Padded and

  • Low profile pull-out Recessed metal latches
  • Low Profile wheels
  • Pull-out rolling handle
  • Etha Foam padded interior
  • 9mm high pressure Laminated plywood
  • Dimensions 444 x 415 x 448mm
  • approx 5kg.

RX1 Hot folder

The hot folder utility will enable the printer to automatically print any file that you save to the specified folder in Windows that the Hotfolder utility monitors.



HFP accommodates numerous print sizes for DS40, DS620A, RX1, and DS80.

  • HFP archives ALL of the images that it prints.
  • Ability to create custom borders, edit borders, and adjust color.
  • Modern, easy-to-navigate GUI
  • Use up to 6 DNP printers simultaneously
  • Detailed information for all connected printers
  • Customizable low media warnings
  • Color profile import option
  • Expanded language support
  • High resolution print mode (300×600)
  • Select number of copies (simplex)
  • Matte print mode
  • HFP allows users to control color settings including Auto Correction, RGB, Gamma, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, and Sharpness. Utilize individual channel control or move channels together. Quickly revert to default settings.

DNP Mobile Party Prints

  • Print from Mobile devices (Android and Apple) to your DNP printer wirelessly
  • Optional Add-on for the RX1 printer
  • Customers download free App on their phone (DNP Party Print)
  • Customers take photo at wedding/School Banll, and send wirelessly to the Party Print manager PC
  • Can automatically add borders to all photos
  • Open release or select release of print


DS-RX1 Media

The RX1 has been designed as a kiosk printer, the front loading makes loading easy when the unit is mounted inside a kiosk, or under a counter. The high volume per roll of media (700 prints/roll using 6x4) is well suited to uses where frequent media changing is not required.

Media kits include ribbon and paper, please replace both when doing a media change.

  RX1-HS RX1
Resolution: 300x600 ; 300x300 300 x 300
Print Size: 2″x6″*, 4″x6″, 5″x7″**, 6″x8″ 2″x6″*, 4″x6″, 5″x7″**, 6″x8″
Print Speed: 12.4 sec/print (2″x6″*) 14.9 sec/print (2″x6″*)
12.4sec/print (4″x6″) 14.9 sec/print (4″x6″)
19.9 sec/print (5″x7″**) 23.9 sec/print (5″x7″**)
21.9 sec/print (6″x8″) 26.9 sec/print (6″x8″)
Paper: 1400 sheets/roll (2″x6″*) 1400 sheets/roll (2″x6″*)
700 sheets/roll (4″x6″) 700 sheets/roll (4″x6″)
350 sheets/roll (5″x7″**) 350 sheets/roll (5″x7″**)
350 sheets/roll (6″x8″) 350 sheets/roll (6″x8″)

*uses 6x4 media to produce 6x2 prints.

The RX1 and RX1-HS use the Same media

DS-RX1 |RX14x6
700 prints per roll

2 rolls per box (1400 prints)


350 prints per roll

2 rolls per box (700 prints)


350 prints per roll

2 rolls/box (700/box)


Media is available in boxes containing two ribbons and two paper rolls each.

RX1 6x2 Cut Settings (Photobooth)

Photobooth users can setup the 6x2 cut as default as follows

  1. In Windows (or Control panel) go to Devices and printers, and double click on the RX1 printer.
  2. Click on Printer in the top left corner
  3. Then click on properties
  4. In General tab click on Printing Preferences (In Windows 7 it is only called Preferences)
  5. Under Layout Click Advanced
  6. Set Paper Size to [PR (4×6)]
  7. Under Printer Features Go to 2 inch cut: and change to (Enable (Printer V1.10 or later)
  8. Click OK, Apply, OK and OK, then do a test print.

Be sure that your printer has firmware v1.10 or later.


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