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WCM2 Print - wireless printing device

WCM2 Print - wireless printing device

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Print Instantly. . . WIRELESSLY!

The WCM2 Print is DNP’s newest and easiest wireless printing device, allowing wireless printing from mobile devices (iPhone®, iPad,and Android devices), Windows PCs, and Mac® and direct printing using the WCM Print.

Enjoy easy printing from tablet-based photo booths and roamer booths. Also, you can print a QR code with Wi-Fi info from the WCM2. The WCM2 is designed as an easy to use tool to enable printing at small to medium size events.

The WCM portal features admin controls and lets you set print sizes and otherwise customize the user experience. The WCM2 Print can connect to other networks via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to allow you to print as well as connect to social networks for uploads.

Wirelessly print from macOS®, iOS®, Android®, and Windows® devices.
• Easy printing from tablet-based (iPad® or Android) photo booths and roamer booths.
• Printer and media are automatically identified by WCM2 Print.
• Print to single or multiple DNP printers.
• Perfect tool to enable printing at small to medium size events.

WiFi Hotspot
The WCM2 Print creates its own WiFi hotspot that allows wireless printing without the need for an internet connection.

WCM Portal
The WCM Portal includes new admin controls that are easy to navigate. Set which print sizes are made available, manage WCM Print functions, and other settings to customize the user experience.

Connects to Your Network
The WCM2 Print can connect to other networks via WiFi or ethernet to allow you to print as well as connect to social networks for uploads.

WCM Print
Allows pictures that are stored locally on the device to be selected using the WCM Print and sent directly to the printer.


WCM2 Print Key Features
  • Easy Setup! There is no need to create printer instances. The WCM2 identifies the media loaded in connected printers and the available print sizes for that media. 
  • Works with AirPrint®. Print wireless from iPhones, iPads, and Macs that support printing---no separate app required!
  • Works with Android phones and tablets.
  • The WCM Print application allows devices connected to the hotspot to browse their photos and select the ones to print. This feature allows a wider variety of devices to work with the WCM2
  • Allows wireless printing from Windows PCs and from Macs, does not require printer drivers.
  • Two USB 2.0 ports to connect two printers simultaneouslyAllows a wider range of print sizes or printer redundancy to reduce media loading frequency.
  • Built-in wireless “hot spot” network. Customizable and password protectable. 
  • Supports wired printing connection to iOS devices via the Ethernet port (requires Ethernet adapter sold separately) 
  • Print from multiple sources simultaneously. Multiple photo booths can print to a single WCM2 Many iPhone or iPad users can print to WCM2 at the same time at a parties and events.
  • Supports all current DNP printers. Print your photos using the most popular professional photo printers on the market, offering a wide range of photo sizes and finishes. 
  • Administration / Settings web page for setup and administration of the WCM2. Connect via any mobile device or PC that is connected to the WCM2 hot spot network.

Kit contains:
  • Wireless Connect Module
  • Wall Power Adapter
  • USB Cable, USB A to USB B Micro, 1.5ft
  • USB Printer Cable, USB A to USB B, 1.5ft
  • Quick Start Guide

  • Compatible Printers: QW410, DS620A, DS-RX1HS, DS820A, DS40, DS80.
  • OS: iOS 11 & later, macOS 11.1, 11.0, & 10.15, Windows 10, Android 9 & later
  • USB Ports: 2 - allows for connection to two DNP printers.
  • WiFi Hotspot: 802.11 b/g/n standards
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